Elvie Zell Night Lights

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My girls are off to dreamland with a sweet source of comfort...an ElvieZellnightlight. I found this small company at a trade show in NYC. I wandered down the handmade aisle looking for treasures and I struck gold at Elvie's booth.

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Elvie started making things for dog lovers, but expanded her collection to include kids too. I was smitten with her classic nightlight collection. There are dozens of patterns to pick from. Each light includes a 4" high paper shade and each light comes with a 7 watt bulb. Pick from flying pigs, nautical themes, pirates, spaceships and more. You won't be disappointed.

It's a small operation, so you're going to have to email Elvie directly (her info is on the site), but I guarantee you won't be disappointed! And the price for this sweetness? $21.95

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