Design Bargain: Paper Lantern Lamps

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The most inspiring kids rooms combine high ticket items and bargains. If you order everything brand new from one spot you'll get a dull cookie-cutter room. I'm feeling a little guilty about the $1500 chandelier I've been drooling over, so I wanted to share these bargains from PB Teen. The perfect accent for a room that is getting too fussy.

The 30" version is $19 and the cord an extra $12 (and Pottery Barn listen up--you make me crazy when you have these items offered this way! I looked at a table the other day where I was going to have to pay an extra $26 for the base. C'mon! The base of a table IS NOT OPTIONAL.) Sorry for this digression. These colorful lightweight lamps are a nice pop of color and a hip way to make a kids room or nursery appear more modern.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. The advice to Pottery Barn is 100% free.

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