Decorating Your Nursery Video Pro Tips

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Decorating is supposed to be fun. But often it can be overwhelming. Especially when you're pregnant and trying to decorate a nursery. I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and thinking "Why does this have to be so complicated"-- Zutano to the rescue. I went to one of my good friends to make this Decorating Your Nursery Video.

The brand that dreamed up putting irresistible prints on luscious cotton into the most coveted baby clothing is making it fun again to venture into the nursery. Forget all the overpriced and overdone things you've seen. Now imagine a nursery that's full of color, whimsy and creativity. That's more like it.

From bedding sets, to storage bins to soothing mobiles, Zutano has just what you need to nest. Check out our latest video where we show off some of our favorites and chat with the lovely Melisa Fluhr from

Decorating Your Nursery Video

Our favorite item? The 4-piece Owl Bedding set ($171.80) Piece Set includes: Quilt, Diaper Stacker, Crib Sheet and Crib Skirt.

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This is a sponsored post. We simply love these designs.

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