Design Find: The Gummy Lamp

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Remember the saying,"If you have to ask you can't afford it." Now read on. Momtrends design find #49 is the Gummy Light Candelier (and yes I do promise to share MANY low-cost finds too) from Kevin Champeny. A limited-edition, work of art (one of ten), this fabulous light is made of 5,000 gummy-like creations. While it isn't edible, it is scrumptious.

The colorful light will sure to get be the focal point of your child's room. The mulit-hued bears are all about 1" in height and look just like the candy. A trendy little shop called Babesta in NYC is serving as gallery/dealer for these works. They guarantee each Gummy Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Size: 31" diameter and it weighs about 50 lbs. Price upon request. Call Babesta NYC (646-290-5508) and tell them Momtrends sent you (no I won't get a commission!)

No one paid for this post. And that is kind of sad.

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