Top Wooden Baby Toys


Eco-friendly baby toys don't have to be bland and boring. This holiday give your little one something that they will love and will last until your grand children can play with them. We've got a colorful and delightful selection starting at under $10.

Wooden baby toys have been in the spotlight more these days because going green is very chic and in. This one is on the top of my list, its simple, cute and colorful. This toy will grow with them as develop. The Baby Car from PlanToys ($14)--found on

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Stacking blocks as you know are are wonderful developmental toy but are one of the basics every kid loves. These toys improve coordination and problem solving. Try this one from Melissa and Doug, The rainbow stacker ($10 on Amazin).

This is another alternative to the stackers this one by Hape. The Pyramid of Play ($20.99) has so much to offer your little one, sorting, matching, numbers. Made of Baltic Birch plywood and hardwood.

All babies love music either from the radio or CD but they a;so love to make it themselves. These are two great options to get them started in their music career. These from Hape, the Early Melodies Maracas ($9.95 on Amazon) are great for their little hands to grab and shake.

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This one fromPlan Toys Rattle ($10) is only 4" big--ideal for tossing a diaper bag, or you can keep it in your car for baby to play with on errands or trips.

This last one is not only adorable, but encourages mobility. Can't you just picture your little one walking and dragging these little dudes behind them...say it with me now'?¦'?awwww" The Pull Along Penguin Waddle ($29.95) From Hape.

I hope this gives you a good start to your holiday shopping..happy shopping everyone!

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