Review of the Nuddle Blanket

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Who doesn'??t like to nap or cuddle? How about both at the same time!After a long weekend of trick-or-treating and Halloween parties we were thrilled to be introduced to the Nuddle (we like this kind of math...Nap + Cuddle). Just slip your arms through the openings of this cozy lounging blanket and your body's enveloped in super plush fleece while your hands are free. 

It'??s a little on the pricy side, ($68 for adult-sized, $38 for baby sizes), but we just had to wrap our three-year-old in the Kids version ($48). After all, we'??re in New England and the temps are dropping quickly. You can'??t put a price on warm when the snow starts to fall. The double-sided blanket had a fantastic foot pocket for her to sneak her feet into to complete the full-body toasty effect. Her hands were getting a little chilly until we discovered the great little outer pouch perfect for warming up freezing fingers. And at a generous 47 inches wide and 54 inches long, it'??ll last her a long time, even with her 95-percentile height.

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The rich cherry color was very dramatic and really looks luxurious. It also comes in blueberry and fudge, fun color choices for kids. Grownups have more...well..."grownup" colors like Latte, Chocolate, Merlot, Midnight and Crème; while babies are softly wrapped in Oatmeal, Bubblegum Pink and Cloud Blue. Now if we could just find the time to actually nap and/or cuddle, we would be all set.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a nuddle to sample.

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