KlabLab Launches Education Revolution with Sound of Knowledge Bus Tour


KlabLab, the company leading the education revolution one song at a time, recently announced its official launch and the kick-off of the Sound of Knowledge Tour 2012.Combining collaborative in-classroom lessons with its interactive website, KlabLab creates a new way to inspire today’s hyper-connected, super social students. KlabLab is a powerful mashup of educational content and contemporary music, classroom experience and online engagement. KlabLab’s Sound of Knowledge Tour 2012 is the first stage of its educational revolution. On the tour, KlabLab will visit classrooms around California to collaborate with students and teachers and create original music based on their curriculum.

“Budget cuts have created bigger classes with fewer resources, and student learning suffers. It’s time for a revolution in education, and KlabLab knows that music has the power to inspire learning. Parents and educators across the nation and around the globe are seeking innovative, inexpensive ways to inspire engagement, creativity and collaboration in class,” said Joe O'Loughlin, KlabLab’s dean of collaboration and tour manager. “KlabLab provides an easy to use, free and—most importantly—fun way to learn. We foster collaborative learning – a far more effective method –and encourage students and educators to ignite their creative spark.”

Through its site, KlabLab simplifies the creative process so anyone can contribute. KlabLab provides a lesson plan for teachers to bring the collaborative song-writing experience to their students, and offers free contemporary music templates that anyone can download and use to create original educational songs. Creators then record their songs and upload them to KlabLab’s library to share with the world and foster learning.

The student-created content generated on the tour will be posted to the KlabLab website, where students and educators from around the country will have the opportunity to vote for their favorites. KlabLab will reward the school that creates the most popular song with a $10,000 multimedia studio to be used for ongoing creative collaboration and content production at the school. The top 10 most popular songs will be recorded onto an album that will be produced and distributed by KlabLab this summer. The tour begins in California and will go national in fall 2012.

For additional upcoming tour dates, visit http://klablabtour.com/tour-dates/

To learn more, join the revolutionand create your own KlabLab content, visit http://www.klablab.com

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