Gift Wrap That Grows

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When we think we have seen it all, another great invention crosses our path. This time, we found gift wrap that grows. Yes, wrapping paper with seeds you plant and watch grow into flowers. Thanks to Little Kay Gardens, ( the suppliers of this clever invention, we have natural wrapping paper that produces beautiful flowers. And it really works!

The plantable seeded paper is made of 100% recycled colored (yellow, purple, blue and pink) paper with embedded wildflower seeds including: clover, cornflower, calendula, flax, coreopsis, gaillardia, poppy, larkspur, biships, daisy and snapdragon. For just $12.00 you get four 24" x 36" sheets (enough for 8 shirt boxes or gift bags) and six gift cards. I sure hope they come out with holiday seeds and colors. Perfect for graduation gifts, baby showers and Father's Day. Buy on Amazon $12 for a set.

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I was a bit skeptical about this product, especially working in a pot in NYC, so I tested it and sure enough I have budding plants. It took a little over one week for the seeds to start growing and I expect in a month to have wildflowers decorating my windowsill. After they bloom, I plan to cut them for a vase on my table and then start all over again. My kids love watching the process too.

I adore plants and flowers and miss having a garden, so thanks Kay Gardens for bringing this home to me and for making gift wrapping more beautiful, eco-friendly and fun.

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