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Ever had a hankering for a "grown-up grilled cheese" sandwich or a "vanilla rice latte"?? How about eating (or drinking) those yummy treats while creating some beautiful artwork? The Momtrends team headed over to cafe Moomah in Tribeca to see what all the buzz is about. After reading this, you'll wanna know, too.

Upon entering Moomah, I was greeted with a friendly smile by owner Tracey Stewart, wife to one of the best comedians on television, John.

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She directed me towards a menu and I perused it briefly before firmly deciding upon the "grown-up grilled cheese". I was also convinced to try a latte, and in my experience, whenever I order a coffee at a local cafe, they are generally small and require a lot of extra flavoring. It wasn't too busy so I found a nice spot towards the back of the cafe near the children's craft tables. My food and drink came immediately and I was surprised to see generous portions of both. I also liked that the sandwich came with a 'signature salsa' and some greens.

As I was enjoying my lunch, I couldn't help but be distracted by all the beautiful art that was around me. Everywhere I looked there was some kind of original artwork, either already framed and hung or in progress. Towards the front of the cafe, there is a wall comprised of several projects for sale. Complete with all the supplies you need to create these specific crafts, you can purchase one to work on right in the cafe!

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I was surprised, also, to see that there was a completely separate part of the cafe dedicated to adult classes. Along with the adorable children filtering in and out and the kind of effortless chic atmosphere everyone wishes they could attain in their own home, Moomah showed me that the possibilities are endless when when craft supplies and a creative mind get together over coffee.

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An added bonus: Moomah offers 3 uniquely different birthday options!

Moomah Cafe

161 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10013-2101

(212) 226-2078

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