Course at the American Museum of Natural History: Is Your Brain Wired for Language?

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How does the brain create language, and how does language shape the brain? Why is learning a language so easy for children and so challenging for adults? Held, at the American Museum of Natural History, this five-part course examines the biology of language in the brain across the lifespan. Through lectures from experts, in-class discussions, and optional readings, participants will learn about the innate brain circuits that allow humans to excel at language. The course will also address what happens when these circuits go awry. Instructors for this course will include neurolinguist Suzanne Dikker and neuroscientist Kelley Remole.

Sackler Brain Bench: Is Your Brain Wired for Language?

Mondays, September 24 to October 29, 6–8 pm

American Museum of Natural History

$295($240 for Members and educators)

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