Bambino Mio Swim Fashions

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Oh how parents hate swim diapers. Wasteful, hard to change and so bulky. Bambino Mio has a solution--the Swim Nappy. The clever folks behind the line of a smart re-usable diapers with a flushable liner want your tots and babes to have a summer of splashing. The waterproof lining and fitted leg band prevents solids (er, poop) from escaping into the pool.

We tested the girls model from Bambino Mio ($29.99) and the Swim Nappies ($16.95). We loved the green print and the fit was lovely. Be sure to cover your baby in sunscreen all over--we think the fabric might be a little thin (not sure if it has SPF protection). The bottoms can be used on boys or girls--and frankly we find them a lot easier to manage than a malliot style. Little girls and boys can frolic in bikini bottoms without breaking any fashion rules ($16.95).

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Both styles are machine washable. Our advice--watch for the straining, "pooping" face and get the mess out fast before it gets mushy. Even the best swimsuit can't contain watery stool. @#$* happens--be prepared.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get samples for testing.

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