Loopdedoo Bracelet Maker


Loopdedoo Bracelet Maker

Friendship bracelets made of colorful flossing threads are back on trend. Get ready to see some fantastic creations that with some practice, you can make, too. The Loopdedoo makes a creative and fun fashion statement for everyone.

When I first saw this little gadget, I felt 10 again. I got giddy with the prospects of making bunches of friendship bracelets and how quickly I could crank them out and sell them for $3 a pop, just like those days of yore growing up in the hot Atlanta sun. When I came back to reality, I realized "cranking them out quickly" was going to be an impossible feat.

Does it work?

I consider myself to be somehwat handy and addicted to crafting, so when placed with a machine that not only contains paper instructions, but a DVD explanation, I didn't blink an eye. "I'd be able to set up shop in an hour or two" I told my 10 year old self. But my 20-something self had some issues understanding exactly how to begin.

After attempting to follow the paper instructions, I could tell instantly I was doing it all wrong. So I popped in the DVD. It's a short video, and after watching and re-watching it, I finally understood the process.


Overall, this is a fun way to create easy jewelry for boys and girls. There's a pop-out storage tray built into the machine to keep your threads and accesories organized.

Here's my tip: After creating the "core" of your bracelet, don't wrap your looping thread around the hooks to measure how much you need. Measure double the length of your desired bracelet length and then cut. You also don't have to start at the opposite end of your starter knot. Add beads for hook-and-eye closures, or use the alligator clasps to make longer pieces.

Like anything it takes patience and practice, but once you understand the mechanics and depending how detailed you want your piece, you can finish one in about 15 minutes. Just as the product suggests, save this gadget for crafters 8 and up, else you and your potential designer will spend the day with a case of the grumps.


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