As part of our Momtrends blogger outreach program, we recently partnered with DOVE® Chocolate and 50 wonderful bloggers to create a slew of very special DIY Mother's Day gifts using DOVE Dark Chocolate. We were blown away by all of the amazingly creative projects and were definitely inspired to create some of them ourselves.

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What mom wouldn't love to receive a handmade gift created with delicious, decadent chocolate? I know this mom would! So, we've selected a few of the gifts that our bloggers made to share with you. We hope you'll try recreating these gifts at home to give to your mom.


The Bold Abode: To download the "i dove you" printable, head over to check out this creation.


Creative Kristi put her Dove chocolate on long wooden sticks to create this beautiful flower arrangement.


The Mommy Testers put together the ultimate Mother's Day gift jar. They lined the bottom of the glass display with paper "grass" and then layered in treats for mom including chocolate and favorite beauty treats.

Mother's Day DIY Video Inspiration

We decided to put our own spin on these projects to give you even more Mother's Day inspiration! I daresay you just might be ready to put your DIY hat on after watching our video tutorials! And if you do decide to try your hand at one of these projects, we would love to hear about it! I bet there are going to be some very happy mamas out there come Sunday.

Happy early Mother's Day lovelies! Hoping everyone gets breakfast in bed.


  1. DIY Mother's Day gifts with Dove dark chocolate
  2. Craft corner Mothers Day banner card
  3. Mother's Day breakfast in bed


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