Crafting Ideas for Moms


I admit to not being especially crafty. But when cold weather settles in, I thinking grabbing a tube of glue and some glitter can go a long way towards entertaining the kiddies. Plus, crafting tends to be a lot cheaper than a shopping excursion or buying a new video game to appease the troops.

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Here is a craft round-up. First I went to Ann-Marie from I asked her how she got hooked on crafting (thinking maybe it would rub off on me)...

I was always a crafty girl. I knitted. I rubber stamped. I decoupaged. I made my own paper. I just loved having a creative outlet that generally was gift-worthy or that I could use myself and save money. I got hooked on soap and body care products when I realized how economical it was for me to make them and started making soap when I was 16 years old.

For families on a budget, where does crafting fit in to family entertainment?

Crafting creates powerful positive family experiences and for families on a budget, crafting soaps and toiletries is especially economical. It'??s less expensive for a family of four to hang out at home, making bath fizzies then it is to take them all to the movies.

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What are some fun and easy craft ideas for Halloween?

Halloween Bath fizzies(kit $22.50)
Halloween Soap - (kit $27.50)

At what age could a child start taking on some of your craft ideas?

With parental supervision, children as young as 3 years old can participate in melt and pour soapmaking. Bath fizzies are appropriate for children 5 years old and up with appropriate parental supervision.

For procrastinating moms who can sew here is a list of easy homemade costumes for kids from Craft magazine. Check out the Bee, Monkey,Lego and more.

With Americans looking to save money anywhere we can these days, here are budget saving decorating ideas (and kid-friendly crafts) that will transition you from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Lisa Kothari, a nationally known party planner and founder of, offers up some fabulous ideas for your readers.

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  • Pumpkin Cookie Cutter: The simple pumpkin cookie cutter you chose to create marvelous pumpkin invitations and decorations for your spooky Halloween party can be used at Thanksgiving time to make pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin bread, brownies, etc. Pumpkins are as festive at Halloween as they are at Thanksgiving. ($2.99)
  • Orange Tablecloth: Use an orange tablecloth for your Halloween party table, and then trim it up using brown ribbon and scalloped scissors to create a formal tablecloth for Thanksgiving.
  • The bales of hay and Indian corn you purchased to make your yard, front porch, door, and even serve as a table centerpiece can all be used during Thanksgiving as well. The items will keep fresh throughout the entire autumn season.
  • Did you bob for apples at your Halloween party? Use these apples or some new ones to create Apple Candlestick Holders. Core out the center of the apple to fit a candle snuggly. Older children can carve out patterns on the skin of the apple, or just keep them plain red.

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