Dad totally rocks. He is always there when you need him which also makes him an emotional rock. Last year we made cool crafts featuring dad's bike, and for this Father's Day we are crafting with the rock theme. My dad and I have always had a special bond and because all little kids should be able to look to their dad as a hero, here's a super fun way to remind him that he's your favorite guy.

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Here's what you need for this easy DIY Father's Day craft:

gold toe socks

 Easy DIY Father's Day Gift Directions

  1. Sketch out what you'd like your banner to say with a marker.
  2. Then get some paints and get to work. Let the kiddos dip their fingers in to make polka-dot finger prints. Or let them make a special picture. It's Father's Day-- let them praise dad however they want.
  3. After you're done and it dries, use a Father's Day printable and some twine to wrap the socks and banner together into a little bundle.
father's day gifts diy

Watch our Father's Day video for the full tutorial!


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