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How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

While the opinions below are my own, I was provided K-Y® Touch® and compensated by K-Y for this post.

My nine year wedding anniversary is this month and I’m just as in love with my sweet husband now as I was that beautiful May afternoon I walked down the aisle toward him. In fact, I probably love him even more today because after over a decade together filled with life’s ups and downs he’s proven to be a true partner in every way. Now as easy as it is to love him, it isn’t always quite that easy to be married to him. We all have our moments and my significant other and I certainly aren’t immune to arguments…

That being said, we’ve developed a formula for success that’s not only kept our relationship smokin’ after all these years, but has helped us communicate better. And the secret to our sauce is compromise sprinkled with a healthy amount of touching. Get your mind out of the gutter. Bwah! I’m talking about the every-day kind of intimacy that comes from hugging your honey when he walks past you, kissing him goodbye and even doing something as simple as snuggling up next to him on the couch while he’s watching baseball. It’s a two way street by the way. Brownie points go to the husband who snuggles up next to his wife while she’s watching her favorite guilty pleasure reality television shows. Just sayin’.


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If you let the little, yet important, things like that slide, eventually you may feel your relationship slip as well. And without compromise, the power of touch just won’t be as effective. You see the hubs and I have very different communication styles. He would rather sleep away any anger between us while I would prefer to stay up all night until our issue has been resolved. What we’ve found is if he’s willing to talk things through a bit more and I don’t push quite as hard, we can clear things up a whole lot faster. And once the hurt feelings have dissipated we can get back to snuggling. I mean we’re parents...A hot night for us involves the couch and a TV binge fest. We aren’t alone right? Haha!

Speaking of snuggling...K-Y recently partnered with the Kinsey Institute to create The Touch Initiative, a partnership devoted to uncovering and communicating the power of touch in relationships. Make no mistake, touch IS powerful. Even the smallest of touches can go a long way on a rough day. I mean it’s pretty hard to be mad when you’re holding hands. That’s another little trick for you. Grab his or her hand the next time you’re worked up and see how quickly the clouds part. The less anger in your life, the more happiness you’ll find. And happiness is such an integral part of your well- being.


Did you know that couples who touch more than once a day are 14% more satisfied with their relationship, compared to all couples? Now go give your honey a hug. Haha! Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, a massage. I never feel more relaxed than after a good massage and it’s a whole lot more convenient to get one at home...Am I right? The new K-Y Touch is a 2-in-1 touch-activated massage crème that can really enhance the experience. I can feel the stress melting away already!

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