Tupperware Party with Chef Marco Canora


Tupperware has come a long way since its heyday of plastic containers in the 70s and 80s. Once a way for women to become salespeople and socialize with their neighbors, Tupperware is now a brand that is recognized for its diverse and functional product line. I recently had the chance to enjoy a modern Tupperware party complete with a viewing of their latest line of products - choppers, grinders, planters and knives (to name a few) that along with a cooking demo by Chef Marco Canora at Tasting Table Test Kitchen in NYC. This eye-opening experience was an incredible way for me to learn more about how to "Cook with Confidence" as well as see the new product line up close.


Before the event started many of the guests commented how the new line was "not there mother's Tupperware." I noticed a bright and vibrant collection of neon green, blue and yellow cookware that looked fresh and functional. There was none of the old school plastic Tupperware in sight. Not only gorgeous, the products at the event served a purpose to making cooking easier and fun for families. I watched on as the friendly Marco Canora demonstrated how to effortlessly chop up herbs and vegetables in the Chop 'N Prep. With a pull of a lever, this handy device chopped up vegetables for his delicious Gremolata, a condiment made of fresh herbs that he loves to cook with.


I loved watching on as Chef Marco showed us how to make a homemade rabbit stew by effortlessly chopping up the animal using a collection of knives from Tupperware that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. He also demonstrated how to cook chicken

He also made a delicious sauce that he cooked in pots from Tupperware. Another surprise for me since I didn't realize the company made pots, Chef Marco demonstrated how to make a sauce with fresh ingredients and even showed us how to make homemade whip cream in minutes with the Whip 'N Prep. With this device we whipped up some cream in seconds into a frothy and incredible treat that we happily used to dip into our tasty collection of fruit.

Although Chef Marco was initially reluctant to host a Tupperware event, he was happily surprised to learn how effective they are and how they can make cooking easy, fun and effortless.

For more on the Tupperware line, please visit: http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/home

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