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Moms are constantly cleaning. I wipe down counters, clean under the highchair and do dishes three times a day (see the evidence above). While I try to be careful not to clean with harsh ingredients, all this time in the sink can really damage my hands. I've long been believer in Playtex's cleaning gloves.

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In fact, I was talking to a group of moms from my daughter's preschool about this last week. They all chuckled at my old-fashioned love of gloves (and I also love aprons but that's a different post)...then the moms looked at my hands. Then they looked at their hands. I think they are convinced.

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It's a small step and entirely vanity driven, but I use gloves every day. And gloves are a frugal measure, they save me from constantly having to pump expensive hand cream on my dried out knuckles and fingers. Playtex gloves have three layers. They are so well made they tend to last me several months. They've got a protective cuff to catch drips. And don't you just love the bright purple color? Certainly makes clean-up time a less dreary. Buy Playtex Living Gloves on for $2.45

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