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Technology is a modern mom's best friend. Momtrends is teaming up with Barnes&Noble; to bring some exciting new technology to your world--a fantastic new nook ereader. Before I agreed to this contest, I had one of my top testers give me some nook feedback--and we've determined it is a mom essential. Here's what Brooke had to say:

Since having two kids, one of the things that has really suffered is the time I spend reading. It's a good day when I have time to browse the headlines of The New York Times and I feel pretty happy when over the course of the year, I read a couple of books. This is pathetic, I know.

I was really excited when I heard that our friends at Barnes&Noble; wanted to send us a nook to test out. With the ability to store over 1,500 books and all your newspaper subscriptions, never again will you be without something to read. Keeping the reader in mind, the screen is designed to look like the printed page. Unlike other devices (like your trusted iphone), you can actually read your nook in direct sunlight because the screen does not have glare or backlight (like a typical computer screen). This does cause a problem if you want to read in the dark, but you can buy the optional Lyra light to attach to your nook. I went to to buy it, but they are currently out of stock.

Downloading the books was fast and easy. Browse through the selection of ebooks at or right on your nook. Select buy and the book automatically updates onto your nook.

After downloading a few books to my library, I was anxious to start reading. I found the nook easy-to-use once I got use to the fact that the touch-screen is at the bottom only. I kept trying to use it like my iphone, but after a few tries it made sense to me. There are highlighting and note features - making it easy to save all your notes on a book in one place.

One of my favorite features is LendMe. After buying a book, you can then share it with a friend. Your friend has 14 days to read the book free of charge. And your friend doesn't even need to own a nook. As long as they download e-reader (for free) onto their Mac, PC, iphone, itouch or Blackberry, they can enjoy reading your book right away.

You can store photos and music on nook as well as download various screen savers. Certain files and books you download that are not from Barnes&Noble; can also be side-loaded onto your nook. You can also download audio books. And then, there are accessories. You can outfit your nook in practical or fashionable cases - from Kate Spade to Jack Spade to Jonathan Alder. The cases range in cost from $18.95 to $125.

What I've come to realize is there are thousands of little reading moments that happen (i.e. your stuck waiting again at the doctor's office, you actually arrived with a few minutes to spare before pick-up, traveling on planes, buses, subways and if you can stomach it cabs, waiting for the client meeting to finally start, etc) but I wondered since I can't seem to remember to pack a book - will I remember to bring my nook. Well, if you're like me, you're in luck. With nook, you can download ereader for free and all the books, newspapers and magazines in your library can be downloaded to your iphone, itouch or Blackberry. So the next time you find yourself with time to spare, you'll have your books with you.

What I would like to see is a bigger magazine list - right now the selection is very weak. As well as the kids section - it's almost non-existent. Barnes and Noble told me that they are always adding new books and plan to add more magazines soon. My hope is by the time my kids hit reading age and can be trusted with the nook, there will be plenty for them to choose from.--Brooke Stewart Momtrends Tech Mommy & Marketing Guru

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CONTEST CLOSED-click here for winner

Win it! One fabulous reader is going to win a nook! And since Momtrends is all about Mommy style, we're going to make this a style based contest. Barnes&Noble; has recently partnered with designers like Kate Spade, Jack Spade and Jonathan Adler to help users read in style. Click the link below to check out your options. Of these nook cover options, submit a comment below letting me know your favorite designer cover.

Check them out At the end of the giveaway Momtrends will randomly select one lucky reader to receive their very own nook! And here are a few extra chances to win:

Be sure to add your contact email. Contest open to US residents ages 18 and over. Contest ends 3/21/10 at midnight EST. Winners will be selected by Winners will be announced on a blog post. If winner fails to respond in three days a new winner will be chosen.

 Momtrends has been given a nook (and prize for giveaway) to facilitate my review.

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