How to Win Up to $15,000 from Staples


So, tell me something... Are your taxes done? Wait a minute. Don’t groan yet! Bwah! I know tax time can be one of the most stressful periods of the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Preparation is always your best friend when it comes to taxes. Throughout the year, carefully record and collect what you or your accountant need to efficiently prepare your taxes, and April won’t loom over your head like a scary specter. And it doesn’t hurt to have a home office that you love to work in. I’ve always found that when my work area is tidy and I’m inspired by the space I’m in, it’s so much more pleasant to sit down and tackle tasks that I wouldn’t exactly consider enjoyable.


The prospect of winning the awesome sweepstakes that Staples is running right now would certainly go a long way in making work seem more pleasant. Just sayin'. Have you heard about it? Starting on 4/9/17 and running through 4/29/17, when you spend $25.00 at any Staples brick and mortar store, you will be given a code that you can submit HERE which will enter you to WIN up to three times your 2016 federal tax refund or the amount you owe. That could be up $15,000! Is that a good incentive to head to your local Staples store and get going on your taxes or what?! Now let's get back to how you can spruce up that home office...

modern desk accessories

Staples can definitely help with that. Simply picking up a few new desk accessories, for example, can go a long way in improving the vibe of your space. Whether your taste tends to veer toward the modern or you’re more of a classic girl, Staples has plenty of fun ways to spruce up your home office. A new memo pad alone does wonders for my spirits. Haha! Trust me...You’ll be so happy to sit down at your new and improved desk area, you’ll have that tax prep done in no time!

classic desk accessories
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Like I said, the super exciting Tax Reward Sweepstakes is another great reason to go ahead and get that tax return completed as soon as possible... So, don’t delay...Head over to your local Staples ASAP for your chance to WIN up to $15,000! Then make sure you enter the code from your receipt HERE!

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