Travel Tips for Twins

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Thanks to Caitlin Friedman from Girl's Guide (PR pro and mom to 4 y.o. twins) here are her tops tips:

  • Call the hotel ahead of time and arrange two cribs for the room.
  • Travel with car seats so you can put them in the rental car, and strap them in the plane seat (and I'm still looking for the best way to get these suckers on wheels).
  • Splurge and get baby a seat so they can sleep on the plane.
  • Feed babies them when taking off to reduce air pressure in ears.

Summer vacation: Spa, Newport and Hershey, PA amusement park
Dream vacation: Four Seasons, Costa Rica

Thanks Caitlin! And in your honor, and to honor all the moms with twins or two little ones we are rolling out Contest II. Win a NEW Trevi Twin Stroller from Chicco (value $219.00). This Trevi Twin double stroller has an aluminiumframe with fullrecline and fold up to a 3-d compact shape. There's even a cup holder! Email to win. Contest ends 7/31/08.

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