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Let's just start off by saying I am a fitness buff. I love exercise (hate me if you must) and I find having the right gear extra inspiring. For me, the trouble is making time for fitness and finding cute workout gear that I'm not embarrassed to wear to preschool drop off. Reebok to the rescue.

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Not only have my friends at Dick's Sporting Goods come up with a killer Reebok giveaway for Momtrends, they also put me in touch with Amy Dixon, contributing editor of Women'??s Health magazine. to help us all get back in shape this school year.

Q. Amy, how should a mom who's taken a "break" from working out get started again this fall?

A.Start with a simple fitness assessment such as the fitness tests that we use for the Ultimate Fit Plan. The results will give you a good idea of how fit you are to begin with as well as help you measure your progress.

Here are a couple of quick tests:

Record how long it takes you to walk or jog one mile - this will serve as your bench mark of cardiovascular fitness and you can re-test your time after you have rocked your new plan for one month.

Push-up test - how many can you do in one minute - MODIFY away. Girl push-ups rock.

A simple waist measurement at your belly button and BMI.

Q.Now we know where we stand. What next?

A. Start small. Avoid the all or nothing approach. If you currently have zero activity in your lifestyle, start with a simple walking program for three days per week 20 - 30 minutes at a time at a comfortable but challenging intensity(Momtrends would like to add walking your child to school is the perfect start!). Take a rest day in between. When this feels completely doable add 10 minutes more to the workout. Incremental changes will help you keep up the program without feeling overwhelmed.

Q. What else will help?

A. I would strongly recommend writing down your specific goal every single day. Also share your goals with someone close to you. Ask them for their support. It never hurts to have someone that wants you to succeed in your corner, especially when the sweets call to you late at night.

Also, choose an activity that you love doing and add it to your program. I love to get outside and walk with my daughters. It makes me feel good knowing that I am setting a good example for my children and the fresh air is always a big plus.

Q. Once we've been at it a while, what can we do to battle boredom?

A. Variety is the spice of life. Change up your routine. Once you get a great handle on walking, add one minute of jogging to your session every five minutes. Go for a bike ride, or pick up a fitness DVD. Almost all DVD's that are out have a modified exercise for beginners to follow. Don'

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t won't be asked to wear leg warmers.

As for the right gear, Reebok has teamed up with Dick's Sporting Goods to deliver a well-priced and snazzy line. Running, aerobics, yoga--they've got you covered!

This month one lucky Momtrends reader will win a fitness package (worth more than $100) from Dick's Sporting Goods and Reebok thatincludes the four items pictured on this post:

  • Performance Essentials Short Sleeve Jacket (value $45)
  • Marathon Shorts (value $25)
  • Ribbed Tank (value $15)
  • Running Hat (value $18)

To enter comment on this post with your personal fitness goal for the year! Good luck. Winner will be drawn at random. Contest ends 8/31/08. One entry per email address.

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