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Grab a camera. It’s time to embrace the mess your pet makes. No we haven’t lowered our standards, instead, we are raising the bar when it comes to cleaning. Thanks to the Shark Sonic Duo cleaning system, there’s a convenient and effective way to clean up pet messes. This month I’m sharing the Love Your Pet, Hate the Mess contest.

While we are in-between pets right now, we do host the pre-K pets all the time. Part of the classroom fun is getting to adopt the ducks or the bunnies for a weekend. The cuddles are fantastic. The poop? Not so much.

Bunnies and ducks poop constantly. Yes, the fun is non-stop. Fortunately so is the cuteness. And to answer your questions: Yes, they were adorable. Yes, we let them in the house. And yes, they pooped.

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Realistically most of you have cats or dogs. So the messes might not be as frequent, but they will be bigger than a baby duck or bunny pellet! The Sonic Duo comes with a pre-stain treatment for stubborn stains and then the cleaning solution. One great feature on the sonic is you can customize the amount of cleaning solution you use to tackle the stains in your life. For a smaller mess, go for the standard 8:1 ratio. For a more serious situation, try the 3:1 ratio.

And there is more good news. The solution is toxin-free and completely safe for pets (and kids--but this post is about our furry friends!).

I’m not willing to break the heart of my preschooler and say no pets in the house. I just arm myself with a lot of patience and paper towels to survive the weekend. And when the pets go back to school on Monday it’s time to whip out the Shark Sonic Duo (check out our demo and review here). 

Don’t take my word for it, win your own. Enter the Shark Sonic Duo’s Pets with No Shame Contest (contest runs from May 1 - 31). Shark Cleaning is here to stand up for pets in light of the recent “pet shaming” phenomenon.

How to Enter: Spill your pet’s dirty secrets by uploading a photo & win the solution to their dirty messes.

There will be 10 monthly winners of the new Shark Sonic Duo (value of $250!)

Click here to enter by submitting a photo of your furry friend and messy behavior details to win!

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