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Parenting requires multi-tasking. For example. Today I was breastfeeding while reading my older daughter a few books. Nothing is simple, but it can be sweet. The trick is to emphasize the sweet. Enter Progeny. Progeny founder, Erin Moyer, struggled to keep it all together: breastfeeding log, nipple cream (amen to that sister), burp cloth, cellphone, hand sanitizer...should I keep going or do you get the idea?

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It hit Erin that maybe she could use an apron. The problem: None of the styles she found had enough pockets or enough style to meet her needs. The answer: She designed Mommy's Pockets, Progeny's first product, to solve her problem and maybe yours.

I confess as a style-girl I was sceptical. But this apron is swell. Yes, it is loaded with storage spots, but I like the look. Even after I'm done with lugging around my tots, I'm going to whip up some great meals with my Funky Punkin print (see pic above) apron. $55

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Pick from an array of retro-chic designer fabrics (order direct from and then select your size: full apron (best for those who also intend to cook), half apron (great for mommy gardeners) $45, and the quarter apron (for those who don't need that much gear) $35. And what could be cuter than getting your little helpers matching aprons. Progeny also has a child's apron! (left)

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