M1 Carrier: Giving Moms Much Needed Support

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October's focus at Momtrends is helping new moms find their way. There are so many products out there it can be overwhelming. One thing you'll definitely need is a sling or baby carrier. Baby carriers allow parents to have free hands while simultaneously bonding with the baby and keeping the little guy close and snuggly.

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I've tried the Maclaren carrier and the ubiquitous Baby Bjorn--both do a fine job, but I was excited to test out a new product that just released in August. Lascal, an innovative Swedish company, has a brand new carrier called the M1. (about $130)

Since I'm not one for tons of gadgets and gizmos, I was happy that I could take the M1 out of the package and get it ready to go in a matter of minutes. Once on my shoulders, I found the M1 carrier very supportive and comfortable. The carrier is outfitted with multiple ways to adjust the shoulder and waist straps providing a custom-fit for different-sized moms and dads. In addition to the great fit, I was impress with the breathable high-tech ventilated fabric and the overall style.

When it comes to infant comfort, I give this model an "A". The fabric for the baby seat is super soft and there are three different settings to accommodate babies of varying sizes. Start your infant (8+ pounds) out in the chest-facing nest and adjust the leg straps to suit his shape. Then snap the carrier into the adult chest unit. The audible clicks let you know that you've properly fitted the carrier. Once baby gains neck strength and size (12-30 lbs.), he can move to the forward facing position.

The M1 is easy to clean (machine wash cold) and comes with a two-year warranty. In addition to being back-friendly, the carrier is also delightfully sporty (hurrah for dads) and is offered in five bold color options.

And one final note, for all you moms for whom slings are the thing, there's a Photo Contest Running now thru Oct. 31st on the "Beauty of Babywearing." The contest is asks for photos of moms (or dads) wearing their babies in artistic, creative and cute ways. Submit entries via The Sling Station or Peppermint or email: info@theslingstation.com for more information. Winners receive a $100 gift certificate.

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