Kodak ESP7 Printer Review


You'd never mistake me for a techie. I like my technology to be EXTREMELY user-friendly. If set-up takes hours, I usually end up returning the item (camera, phone, etc.) for something more shall we say, idiot-proof. So when Kodak approached me to test out their new ESP7 All-in-One Printer ($199.99) I thought, "No, this means I will have to unhook the one I have (Canon MP510; $250) and master something new." Then I went to a Kodak event with writer/money expert Laura Rowley (Money and Happiness: A Guide to Living the Good Life) and started thinking about ways to trim the family budget.

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So for you, my dear readers, and for the girls' college fund I took the plunge. The thing is Kodak printers can save moms big cash. They are building a printer business around low-cost cartridges. I have spent hundreds on ink cartridges and it has to stop. I clicked through Kodak's savings calculator and found out I can pocket close to $100 bucks a year by switching printers. Time to print and prosper!

In my face-off competition Kodak fared well. Set-up of the ESP7 was pain-free. It took about 20 minutes from cutting the box open to printing my first picture (the Martha Stewart one from the weekend). The pictures were crisper than the Canon and I think the display panel is more intuitive. I never got the hang of scanning on the Canon printer. With Kodak I mastered this skill in seconds (it's like the printer reads your mind...get it E.S.P.). The one area where Kodak fell short--noise. But I don't do much printing at night anyhow so this isn't a big deal.

UPDATE 12/12/09--After about half a year of heavy use, the printer stopped scanning and copying. It still printed. I spent a few hours with the online help crew, but I couldn't ix the problem. I have gone back to my Canon printer.

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