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If you haven't read Mo Willems' book Knuffle Bunny you are missing out. The Brooklyn author mixes picturesque black and white photographs with colorful illustrations. The story follows a young girl (Trixie) and her neophyte parents. In the first book, Trixie introduces us to her prized possession--Knuffle Bunny--a stuffed rabbit with heaps of personality. One day Trixie's well-intentioned but hapless dad falls down on the job putting Knuffle Bunny in peril. Don't worry. All turns out right in the end.

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The latest escapade, Knuffle Bunny Too, catches up with Trixie as she brings Knuffle Bunny to pre-school show-and-tell. In a case of mistaken identity, Knuffle gets mixed up with another stuffed companion. All ends well after a late night rendezvous to reunite girls and bunnies. Once again, Willems does an excellent job of seeing the world through the eyes of a little person. His compassion and humor are a delight for everyone in the family. ($16.99 hardback)

For the holidays, why not pick up the new book and the Knuffle Bunny DVD! The DVD brings the original story to the life as Willems and his family voice the characters from the book. In addition, there are five other animated stories for the family to enjoy on a blustery day. ($14.95)

Five lucky MOMTRENDS readers will win Knuffle Bunny DVD's. From now until November 30th, email to enter the drawing. One entry per email address.Winners will be announced in early December.

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