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Remember the days when you slept a solid 8 hours and woke up naturally at the end of a sleep cycle? Me either! Finding a comfortable, supportive mattress where you can fall asleep without counting sheep and wake-up feeling refreshed is a real challenge. When you think of the amount of time you spend sleeping'??one-third of your life'??a mattress is really an important purchase.


Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing and Jennifer from Tiny Oranges

Less than a year ago my husband and I went mattress shopping- it was overwhelming to say the least. Ultimately we decided to buy a very expensive Sterns and Foster pillow top king sized mattress and boy, was that a mistake! Within one month the top had sunken nearly 1 inch, but not enough for the customer service examiner to warrant a new one. Yes, we were disgusted and annoyed, but through every experience there are lessons to be learned. And so, a year later, I share a recent learning experience with you.


In May I ventured, along with seven other national bloggers, to the Serta headquarters in Chicago. I experienced a behind-the-scenes tour of the factory with the latest mattress making technology, where sleep experts offered tips and where I tested the new iComfort Sleep System by Serta. Check out the details below for TWO chances to win your very own iComfort Sleep System by Serta.


Mattress Making 101

It takes less than 1 hour to make a mattress - hard to believe given the longevity and cost of one. Serta stocks the raw material and builds the mattress when the order comes in, resulting in no inventory and less costs.

Step 1 Fabric and Foam '?? 95% of Serta'??s materials are made in the USA. Materials are flame retardant, as required by law. Boric Acid is used in the production of some Serta mattresses, but the iComfort uses a FireBlocker that does not contain boric acid. Boric acid is a natural pesticide that is frequently used in manufacturing mattresses to ward off bedbugs, mites, and roaches. According to Serta, the use of boric acid in select Serta mattresses is related solely to FireBlocker and has nothing to do with warding off bed bugs or other bugs. Studies are conflicting on whether boric acid is toxic to humans. According to Serta, there are regulations in the US that require mattress companies to list materials and additives included in their products, but it must be a measurable amount that is over 5%. Serta was honest with us about the use of Boric Acid, as all mattress companies should be.


Step 2 Sewing '?? the material is sewn together using a high-tech machine.


Step 3 Testing '?? a battery of tests are conducted to evaluate durability (goes 100,000 cycles), impact, simulating (simulates equivalent to 10 years of use), resistance (evaluates body pressure points), and seams. My worries about a mattress being damaged by a child jumping on it went out the window when I saw the impact tester in action.


This process assures the making of the '??Best Mattresses in the World,'? a tagline I can attest to after sleeping on my very own iComfort for nearly two months. TheiComfort Sleep System by Serta offers the latest (in the past 40 years) in memory foam technology. So, how does it differ from a normal memory foam mattress?


iComfort by Serta vs. Regular Memory Foam

iComfort Memory Foam

My iComfort Experience

Regular Memory Foam

Pressure relief- Cool Action material delivers lower average body pressure for a more restful/less tossing sleep

I have chronic upper back and neck problems that really seem to be feeling better as a result of sleeping on this mattress.

Too much pressure

Sleeps cooler - foam with MicroSupport gel to increase airflow and remove heat

My husband is a hot sleeper and never feels hot in the iComfort.

Sleeps too hot

Comfort from day one

I did not experience comfort from day one. The bed felt much harder than in the showroom. After about 1 week I really started to love the mattress and as time goes on I love it even more. Be patient, giving the mattress time to adjust to your body and home temperature. The mattress has an awesome 120 day trial period.

Lengthy '??break-in'? period

Supportive '?? Cool Action material contains millions of MicroSupport gel beads that provide extra support where your body needs it most.

I love the firmness and the motion isolation.

Feels like quick sand and is not supportive

You can check out this YouTube video for more details:


There are four different iComfort Sleep System models from which to choose '?? Prodigy, Revolution, Genius, and Insight '?? ranging in price from $799.00 to $4299.00 depending on the size and style you choose. I selected the King Size Genius for the plush comfort, but extra firm support. The Prodigy is the plushest of all (you sink into this), the Revolution has supreme comfort and advanced support (still a bit soft for my taste) while the Insight (my second choice for comfort and support) is the standard model.


There are two types of bases available. The standard box spring base or the Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation ($1600.00 for King) that offers variable leg and head positions and vibration throughout the bed, all controlled via remote. We love the lounge position for watching movies, reading books, and viewing the iPad.


Check out the Serta website for retail locations. Sears has a great online display of the iComfort Sleep System. And remember, the quality of a mattress is the same, regardless of where you buy it.

Important Tips:

  • When ordering the iComfort, make sure to discuss the set up of the residence/building and the dimensions/capacity of the elevator. Queen size adjustable bases come in one piece, King size in two pieces so it'??s important to know how it can be brought into the home in NYC.
  • King adjustable bases are split (two pieces). This will not impact performance of the base or cause any '??gapping'? with the mattress. During assembly, the units should be synced so that each pieces works simultaneously with one remote control.
  • When using the mattress plus adjustable base with an existing platform bed (like mine), discuss measurements and options with the retailer, to avoid a large gap between the base and the frame. Also, the wooden slats cause a noise when the bed is turned on vibration. The legs on the foundation must be removed to sit properly on the platform.
  • The bars that came for the foot of the bed are necessary to hold the mattress in place while it adjusts positions ONLY IF the mattress is not zipped to the base. The ZipFit cover is designed to protect the mattress and secure it to the foundation. Put the bars in storage.
  • If you experience a loud noise or squeak when adjusting the bed in head or foot positions, it is possible the bed was set-up improperly. You can contact your retailer or customer service (which is awesome) to help.
  • Typical assembly time is 40 '?? 60 minutes but every individual delivery will be unique based on the circumstances. Mine took 2 hours, but that'??s New York City for you!
  • There is an odor from the mattress that dissipates within a few days.
  • Whenever an individual switches to a new mattress (iComfort or any other), one should always expect a brief adjustment period especially if one has been sleeping on the old mattress for a long time. The iComfort is designed to be comfortable from day one, but remember to give it several nights once in your home.
  • Keep that annoying tag sewn on the mattress in case of a recall and for warranty purposes.


Two ways to win your very own, ANY SIZE, ANY STYLE and ANY BASE iComfort Sleep System by Serta.

1. Enter to win on Momtrends by leaving a comment on this post about your sleeping habits. If you win, be sure to test the mattress before you decide on the style. The winner must pay taxes on their bed and complete a W-9 form.

2. Serta just launched the Cooler. Better. Summer Photo Contest on Facebook, and it runs thru July 8th. Enter by "Liking" Serta on Facebook and submitting your favorite summer photo with a brief description of why the photo represents a "smarter, cooler, better" summer. Serta chooses 4 winners at the end of the contest.


Full Disclosure: Contest ends 7/31/11. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 an US resident. Momtrends was not paid for this post. Winner will be notified via email about the prize Serta did pay for my airfare, one night hotel stay and transportation to visit the Serta Headquarters in Chicago. I was also treated to a pampering welcome massage, dinner and goody bag of comfortable things. I received a King Size Genius iComfort Sleep System with a Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation for review purposes. Taxes on the mattress and foundation will be paid by Serta. The winner of the Momtrends giveaway and the Serta giveaway must pay taxes on their bed and complete a W-9 form.

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