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Here's your chance to win a wonderful outdoor blanket. I can't think of a better place to entertain a bunch of sugar-riddled tots than outside. Here's my easy-as-pie party plan: Invite your child's 3-4 best friends, order a pizza, plan one outside activity...ta da! Party!

Need some outdoor theme ideas? Here you go:

  • A pumpkin picking party (October birthdays)
  • Apple picking and hay ride (any fall birthday)
  • Beach party (it doesn't have to be 80 to enjoy making sand castles)
  • Kite flying party

Ready to start planning? To make things easy, Momtrends is giving away the blanket. Eclogue makes Go-Blankets for picnics, hikes, outdoor concerts, camping, soccer games, and parties!

I love the Go Blanket because it is soft, machine washable (essential for my clumsy girls) and light as a feather. I use my blanket year-round for outdoor entertaining of my kids. The "Picnic Go-Blanket" measures 57" by 72".

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