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Create. Play. Recycle. You've got to love these green gifts I found from my friends at the Creative Toy Shop.Calafant is a toy that fosters creative play. They are foldable cardboard forms that turn into amazing playthings. And when you're done, this toy won't clog the landfills.

Here's the story, I invited two preschool classmates of my daughter over to test these out. I had to assemble the all-white cardboard structure (it took about a minute), then the girls set to decorating with stickers, markers and ink stamps.

The resultingRosegarden Palace ($14.99 top) was awesome. Then the girls used the castle as a backdrop for playing with figures. We will be using this for many months! I plan to add the Pirate Ship to my stash of go-to boys gifts for the holidays ($14.99 shown uncolored). There are three sizes on offer from small dinosaurs ($6.99) to the enormous Calacastle ($129). Something for every budget! But wait, there's more:

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Use coupon code "momtrends" for 15% off Calafant products from the Creative Toy Shop.

And here's still more: Creative Toy Shop is sponsoring the next exciting prize from the Momtrends Holiday Giveaway Event. One lucky winner will get a CalafantTreehouse and Castle (together $50 value). You know what to do! Go to CreativeToy Shop, pick your favorite Calafant, leave a comment here and cross your fingers for good luck.

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Be sure to add your contact email. Contest open to US residents ages 18 and over. One entry per email. Contest ends 12/11/08 (Just in time for xmas delivery!). Winners will be announced on a blog post. If winner fails to respond in three days a new winner will be chosen.

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