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From my friend Susan at Automoblox:

The '??Big Book of Toys'? has arrived, and if you are like me your first reaction was YIKES! Not only will you need to decide what to get the kids, but you will likely start getting calls from friends and family asking for gift suggestions.

Start by taking stock in what your kids already enjoy playing with, and enhance those play experiences by adding complimentary toys. New clothes or a stroller (editor note--Chicco Toy Stroller; $34.99) for dolls will add to the fun. You may have Play-Doh molds, but if the dough has dried up, so has the play value (editors note--get a Play-Doh Case of 10 Colors; $7.99). Take a look around and you are sure to find plenty of ways to bring new life to those existing toys.

Obviously, there comes a time where you do need to add new playthings as your child develops, but you still need a plan. As one of the owners of The Automoblox Company, we developed a play event that was engaging, expandable and grew with the child. From simply pushing the car around at and early age, to taking it apart and reassembling it like a puzzle, and finally discovering the joys are interchanging the cars and making their own design, this is a toy that really has shelf life.

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A very wise man told me when we started Automoblox, All toys are educational, it is what you want them to learn that is important. So choose wisely Mom.

What words of wisdom as we begin our online shopping stampede. Girls and boys alike adore the sleek and sturdy Automoblox toy vehicles. Here's your chance to win your favorite!

1. Go to the Automoblox site
2. Pick a car (the signature T9 Se is not eligible)
3. E-mail your vote to
4. Hurry! Contest runs now through 12/7/08; winners notified 12/8/08

The winner receives their favorite car, plus the two other top choices.
Runner up receives their favorite car.

Be sure to add your contact email. Contest open to US residents ages 18 and over. One entry per email. Winners will be selected by Automoblox.

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