August Contest Winners

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Winner of the Oompa Lunch Box Prize
Cindy aka Windy City, her comment "The "Solar System" Lunchbox would rock in our home!"

And we hope this treat gets your school year off to a great start.

Winners of the Hanes $25 Gift Certificate

  1. Kimberly "The men in our home are all boxer boys!!"
  2. Diana C said "Briefs!"
  3. Jessleigh said..."Lately, I think briefs are way cuter :)"
  4. Susanne said..."Boxers I would prefer, of course because my hubby wears them!! Thanks!"

It's a toss-up with the winners 2 briefs, 2 boxers!

Winner of the Dick's Sporting Goods and Reebok Prize
Shelly said..."My fitness goal is to begin exercising regularly - at least once a week - small steps right?!"

Small steps indeed! Tell us if this helps Shelly.

Winners of the Crayola 64 Box

  1. Sandy M "My granddaughter loves to color."
  2. Tracey said..."All three of my children love to draw and color so I'm always having to buy crayons"
  3. miss bliss said..."my favorite crayola color has always been cornflower. A nice shade of blue!"
  4. Jess said..."Ah, love Crayola crayons. My 20-month-old loves to stick them up her nose and inhale deeply."
  5. Peter Schott said..."My daughter is getting into coloring now and getting better. She'd love this."
  6. sweetsue said..."Great prize, I still like to color even though I am a grandmother.I find it very relaxing and a nice activity to do with my grandchildren."

Congratulations winners and please report back to us and let us know how you are enjoying the prizes. Keep reading there are many fab contests to come this month.

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