Roux Maison's Swimwear Detergent: Your Bathing Suit Will Thank You



Momtrends has sung the praises of Roux Maison's eco-friendly laundry detergent that makes laundry day feel like spa day for your clothes. Now, I want to share my enthusiasm over Roux Maison's Swimwear Detergent.

Roux Maison's Swimwear Detergent: Your Bathing Suit Will Thank You

We go through so much trouble to find the perfect bathing suit, isn't it smart to take care of our investments. Plus who wants to try on swimsuits all over again!

Bathing suits need a little TLC after a day of chlorine, sun, sunscreen, sand, sitting by the pool (that rough cement!) and who knows what else from the baby pool. (Yikes!) When I come home from the neighborhood pool or beach, I dump my family's bathing suits in the sink and pour in a few drops of Roux Maison's fragrance free detergent. This is what I found: the color stays, the elasticity is like new, the sunscreen washes out and the bathing suits smell clean. And most important... no trace of the baby pool!

Thanks to the thoughtful travel size, you can bring Roux Maison's swimwear detergent on vacation, too. Your swimwear will thank you!

Shop Roux Maison for more eco-chic laundry products and you'll soon love doing your laundry. (Okay, maybe not love. But, you'll like laundry day a little more!). And let us know, how do you take care of your swimwear? Do you wash it often and what do you use. We're all about sharing at Momtrends.


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