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Getting Toys Clean with Teddy Needs A Bath

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Having a 'lovey' is part of childhood. A pal that doesn't talk, try to take your toys and that endures all kinds of activities over and over again. I had a lovey when I was younger and know how special they can be. My son took to a lovey around 18 months while my daughter has been attached to her jingling "baby dolly" as long as I remember.

Washing these beloved stuffed animals has always been a chore. I would literally wipe them down with a cloth and then "brush" them back to life. Not a fun or easy task. I do not have a stash of secret replacements for their lovey either, so if they get damaged...well, I shutter at the thought! Now, I don't have to work so hard! Teddy Needs a Bath washer and dryer bags are the perfect solution to caring for such special stuffed friends.

I stuffed their special ones in the large canvas bag and then decided to fill it to the brim and hope for the best! Well, I was pleasantly surprised...ALL of the animals came out smelling fresh, were noticeably clean and were "fluffed." We have a HE front loader and I washed the items on a cold, regular wash. (I might have chosen to try delicate first, but I honestly forgot!). I dried them on low heat for 50 minutes and then all the "friends" were ready to take their places just in time for bed.

Now that my littlest one is day time potty trained, she's working on the over night. With a few accidents here and there, I was glad I had my Teddy Needs a Bath bag on hand! I love that I know my children's toys are ridden of germs, dust mites and other harmful allergens. Now I can easily wash their things conveniently, effectively and safely.

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I love the "teddy needs a bath" canvas bag for several reasons:

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1. It holds a lot! The large 20 x 30 size held a myriad of our stuffed animal friends and dolls. Who wants to do multiple loads of stuffed animals?

2. It has a large, tough zipper that does not open in the washer or dryer.

3. The High quality cotton can be used over and over again without any noticeable wear and tear.

4. It's eco friendly-all materials are recycled and ecologically conscious. The "momtrepreneur" that created Teddy Needs a Bath made sure even the packaging and cardboard display cases are recyclable and will decompose quickly.

You can purchase a Teddy Needs A Bath bag online. They are currently available at major retail stores such as Babies R US and Tous R US. They sell for $14.99.

Find Teddy Needs a Bath on facebook and become a fan today!

Momtrends was not compensated for this post. We did receive a sample of Teddy Needs A Bath for review purposes.

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