The Need For Speed (and Safety)

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Meet the new Lexus: It's smart. And we mean really smart. We headed over to the new Meadowlands Stadium to get the inside
scoop from Lexus expert Doug Herbert, plus a slew of professional drivers who really let us experience the phrase: "pedal to the metal".

When you think Lexus you immediately think of luxury. But with the upcoming release of the 2011 models, you will also be thinking of safety, technology, and comfort. These hot cars are equipped with Smart Stop, a brake override system to stop the car even if the accelerator is fully pressed. They also contain Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), and anti-soiling leather interiors which prevent dye-transfer (say, from your favorite new pair of jeans). It may sound like some technical mumbo-jumbo, especially if you know close to nothing about cars. But the Lexus team laid out each piece of technology so that we could experience real life situations with and without the amazing advances that each car now has.

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We were able to test a few different models on several different "courses" set up in the parking lot at the new Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. The first course was designed to illustrate traction and turning capabilities. First, we drove the Lexus with the VSC and TRAC features turned off. We drove onto a tarp that was drenched with a water based environmentally safe detergent. Then we drove at full speed off the mat to experience hydroplaning and then attempted to turn at full speed on a stretch of sand to feel the lack of control. We weren't able to make the turn- in fact, we sacrificed some cones during this experiment. On the second turn, however, with all the technology turned on, we could feel an amazing difference. The hydroplane effect was dramatically diminished and we actually made the sharp turn on the sand in which no cones were harmed. Success!

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We did a series of other tests such as pressing both the brake and accelerator at the same time to demonstrate the ability to maintain control even if something is preventing you from taking pressure off the accelerator. We also went full speed and then turned the car off to experience what if would feel like if we lost control of the car but still had the ability to direct it. The "brain" of these machines can auto-correct itself by determining how fast you were previously going and using that information to guide you to the safest possible scenario. We've never felt safer driving at ridiculous speeds.

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