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Pandora helps me stay connected to music. As a busy mom, I don't have much time to scour iTunes, let alone make it out to hear live music. To keep my selection fresh, I rely on this free Internet radio station. Now Pandora has some great kid genre stations.

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To get started, log-on to on your computer, enter the name of a favorite artist (such as Tori Amos) or song (how about Worn Me Down by Rachel Yamagata) and immediately a station full of the original request and other pieces of music with similar attributes start playing. If you want tunes on the go, download the Pandora app on your smartphone. Pandora makes this model work by working in ads to the radio station--but it's much less obtrusive than traditional radio. You can build up to 100 "stations" on your account--plenty of room for the entire family.

If you're tired of hearing your worn out CD of Mary Poppins or Dan Zanes and want something new for the kiddos, Pandora has a solution. Type the name of any of the below kid genre stations into the '??Create a Station'? box on Pandora and you'll get appropriate and inspired music for your kids.

Toddler Radio '?? Meant for kids 4 and under, this station is educational and fun! A variety of toddler-friendly themes and music genres are explored. Look for Sesame Street, Disney, & The Wiggles among others.

Lullabye '?? Meant for kids 5 and under, this station is designed to prepare your tyke for a nap or bedtime (or any time you want to bring the energy level down a notch). It's full of mellow sounds and sweet lullabies.

Radio for Kids '?? Meant for kids 7 and under, this station is fun, educational, and not too baby-ish. For kids who are moving on up from Toddler Radio. Many musical genres are included here, and due to the variety and quality of songs, it's enjoyable for kids and adults!

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Rockin' Kids Radio '?? Meant for kids 7 and under. This one is my personal favorite; an energetic station good for dancing, room-cleaning and high-energy play. This station is a winner for kids (and adults!) who love upbeat music. Rock out, kiddos.

Tween Radio '?? Meant for ages 8 to adult. This station is appropriate for those too old for children's music but a bit too young for rock 'n' roll's more adult themes. It includes pop music favorites like Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and the cast from '??High School Musical.'?

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