Lost in the Woods

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If you follow me on facebook, you know by now that I had a long run on Sunday. I got lost in Northwest Connecticut. Not my ideal Sunday jaunt. I headed out for a 4-mile run and ended up gone for two hours. For the first 3 miles I was doing well, cruising along a bridle path. Then I made a series of wrong turns.

At one point, my instinct told me to go right and I did until I came to a really creepy railway tunnel. I thought there was no way this creepy tunnel was meant to be on the path, so I zigged when I should have zagged. At this point, an hour into the run I knew I was in trouble. Scenarious started running through my head. Lone runner lost in Connecticut woods, leaves two girls behind and devoted spouse. I was deep into tick country and didn't see another person for miles. So on I ran looking for civilization.

Sad and tired, I stumbled on a log and busted my hand and knee. Great, now I've got a boo-boo and the coyotes will be able to track me down and eat me for dinner. Finally 75 minutes into my run I was saved by a man on a horse. No. It wasn't a white horse. But nonetheless he gave me directions back to the park entrance--4 miles away. Ugh. No cell phone service to call Mr. Momtrends (and really he couldn't have gotten to me if I had phoned him).

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So I slogged on. Got back to the park entrance two hours later--5 minutes before the police car arrived to answer a missing persons report filed by Mr. Momtrends. The girls barely noticed I was gone. They'd been hiking with Mr. Momtrends (as planned) and then hunting for bugs as they waited for me. Gave Mr. Momtrends a huge hug and big apology and the girls many kisses.

All is well now, I've got weary legs and a few scratches but I learned:

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  • I'm a city girl and these weekend adventures outside of NYC shouldn't lead me to believe otherwise.
  • Sometimes creepy tunnels are the price you have to pay to get home.
  • I can run a lot farther than I thought. All in the run was probably 10-12 miles.
  • Out & back routes are perfect for me.
  • I might want to invest in a GPS watch.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. Duh.

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