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Hallmark Introduces Exclusive New Sarah Jessica Parker Collection

Sarah Jessica Parker Hallmark party

No one saves emails. They aren't romantic or sentimental. Cards are. I have a stack of cards (handmade and store-bought) that I keep in a special box. These cards are memories. While online purchases are soaring, I know there are still women like me who will head to a Hallmark store and look for the perfect card for a friend, husband or family member. Turns out, one of my favorite actresses and celebrity moms shares the same sentiment.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hallmark

Today in New York, Hallmark Cards, Inc. introduced the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection, a new offering of greeting cards, stationery and gift wrap, sold exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores. "When my husband asks me what I want for my birthday, I say a card," said Sarah Jessica Parker (let's just call her SJP shall we?). As a busy, working mom, SJP carved out time for this collaboration to help women celebrate life’s joyous moments and find beauty, meaning and happiness in the little moments in between.

SJP cards for Hallmark

“When you think of Hallmark, you think of kindness and caring. Those are values that are important to me, that reflect the wife, friend and mother I want to be and what I want to help foster in others,” said Sarah Jessica Parker. “I’m excited to be involved in a project that will give people something tangible and fun, warm and sincere, to hold onto and remember the people and relationships that really matter.”

bloggers at SJP event
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At the event, a few of my favorite bloggers and I got to flip through the cards and chat with SJP. First the cards. They are girlie and pretty and full of the words we all want to share. I love the rich floral prints, the touches of sequins and glitter and the glam feel of the line.

SJP Hallmark Cards

SJP worked with the Hallmark artists to create a unique collection that reflected her personality. You'll see vintage artwork from the Hallmark archives with more modern touches and embellishments, such as gemstones, ribbon and tulle.

Hallmark Introduces Exclusive New Sarah Jessica Parker Collection

Now let's talk about SJP. She was lovely, patient and kind, answering questions about the line, and sharing personal tidbits too. Here's some inside scoop--she's a Downtown Abbey fan. When we chatted she mentioned how she swoons when the mail is delivered in the show...those were the days. She also told me she is a stickler for thank you notes. Her kids are expected to pen personal notes for gifts. Yet, another reason to love SJP.

I know you'll love this line. For the launch, the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection includes more than 70 cards for birthday, friendship, love, thank you, congratulations, wedding and baby (ranging from $3.99 – 6.99). The collection is available exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores this month. In addition, seasonal collections will be available for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation and Holiday 2014. Visit to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.

This is not a sponsored post. I did get a goody bag from the event.

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