Comfy Kids Fall Fashion


If I’ve learned anything as the parent of elementary school aged kids, it’s that anything I buy to add to their fall wardrobes has to be comfortable. And that goes for gear too. If it’s not comfy, they aren’t going to wear it and they aren’t going to use it. … Continue reading

Masala Baby Swim Styles

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Summer is in full swing. Pool days, beach trips, park visits—it’s all become a big blur at this point in time; and we still have another month and a half to go! But it’s true what they say—time flies when you’re having fun. And we’ve definitely been having fun and … Continue reading

Splatter-Paint Styles

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There’s nothing subtle about splatter-paint. It’s messy, it’s colorful, and it’s super fun and playful. It’s also majorly trending at the moment! I’ve been seeing splatter-paint styles poppnig up on kids’ clothes, women’s fashion, accessories, and home decor for a little while now, and I’m into it! Naturally, when I … Continue reading

May the Fourth Be With You

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My new neighbor came over this past weekend to give my kids some toys. Her children had outgrown them. Little did this well-intentioned lady know—we already own #allthetoys. Still, my son’s eyes lit up when he saw a lightsaber in the stack of superfluous gadgets and games and trinkets. He … Continue reading

Fun Prints for Kids and Moms


Prints are kinda my family’s jam. My kids couldn’t help but fall in love with them thanks to my obsession. Bwah! I’ve been decking them out in fabulous prints since they were infants. I’m talking florals, plaids, stripes, you name it…we love it! And this spring and summer will be … Continue reading