Walmart Style News


Bigger isn’t always better. At Momtrends we try to celebrate small things…like babies and small startups. But we can’t ignore the power of numbers. Some big brands are doing exciting things–bringing great style at great prices. Walmart, one of the biggest brands out there brought a group of bloggers together … Continue reading

eBay Collections


eBay has a fabulous $25,000 #ShareItWinIt Giveaway going on. Click here for details. Curation is the name of the game these days. Style is a hot commodity. Finding new outlets to show off style is one of the things we love here at Momtrends. Take the LBD–or little black dress. … Continue reading

#PinAtoZ Coffee Event


Coffee time! We’re crazy about the beverage and the color. Rich and evocative coffee not only fuels many a sleep-deprived mom, it also is a color we can’t resist this fall. So this week we’re pinning coffee and we invite you to join us in the letter C for Coffee. … Continue reading

B is for Baby Pinning Event


What do we adore? Babies and Pinterest. When we got the chance to celebrate both, these social media mavens were so excited! Two weeks ago we kicked off the #PinAtoZ concept. Thanks to everyone who joined in the first week to help us kick-off this wildly successful campaign. Now we’re … Continue reading

CVS Blogger Event


I’m not fooling anyone into thinking I am a coupon blogger. So I was a little surprised to be invited to CVS’s blogger event at their Rhode Island headquarters. After a few days immersed in the culture, I discovered that CVS has a lot to offer ALL types of bloggers–they … Continue reading