5 Apps to Help With Back-to-School

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How have your kids transitioned back to school? How have you? The early morning wake-ups, the suddenly-filled afternoons, the busyness of balancing homework and sports and activities – getting back to school can be hard on the whole family. Today, we’re sharing five apps that can help with the transition. … Continue reading

Apps You Need to Get Through Jonas

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Are you ready for Jonas? We of course are talking about the big winter storm set to hit the northeast – not these Jonases. Officials are recommending you get prepared for the big storm, so in addition to the essentials you’ve hopefully already picked up (diapers, wipes, wine, coffee), we’ve … Continue reading

Stay Sharp: 4 Apps to Battle Mommy Brain

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Do you suffer from mommy brain? While it’s a little-researched condition, I’ve finally figured out what causes this disease: A combination of years of sleep loss from middle-of-the-night feedings, nightmare consoling, and sick kid duty added to too many hours of the Disney channel and Raffi CDs combined with a … Continue reading