Celebrate Dr. Seuss in Style

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We’re big readers in our home. The kids love to curl up with a book together on the couch and “read” to each other; and bedtime wouldn’t be complete without the nightly begging and pleading for just “one more story, Mommy. Pleeeeease!” I love how at only two and four … Continue reading

How to Pack an Organic Gym Bag

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I’ve been getting more and more intrigued by the organic community and all the products that fall into the category. The term “organic” spreads far beyond the food industry into products and companies I never knew existed.  I had NO clue that organic feminine care was a thing! It is! As … Continue reading

4 Unique Personalized Gifts

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Everyone loves a personalized gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday, adding a touch of personalization heightens the entire gift giving experience. While it’s somewhat easy now to order anything with a name, I wanted to give my recipients something a little more unique this year. Here … Continue reading

How to Size Your Bra

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Ever since I started wearing a bra, I was convinced that there was something just not so great about it. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why I hated them so much, but I certainly wasn’t comfortable. Was it initial awkwardness? Was there a size issue? When I left the nest and … Continue reading

New Finds for Earth Day

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As many of you know, Earth Day is April 22., but going green isn’t just a one time thing. We  have found a few new tips and trends that make going green easy peasy.   Adventura Clothing: It is hard to find clothing that looks good, fits an active lifestyle … Continue reading