2014 Real Simple/TIME Success Poll

2014 Real Simple/TIME Success Poll

How do you measure success? Recently, Real Simple and TIME released a nationwide "Success Poll," which asked 1,000 women and 300 men to weigh in on issues of work, life, ambition and more.

Among the findings — women's desire for success dwindles as they age. Seventy-three percent of women in their 20s describe success as very important, compared to 61% of women in their 30s, 50% in their 40s and 50s, and 37% in their 60s.

Also, 79% of women and 74% of men say they would not want their boss's job. Interestingly, 52% of men would take their boss’s job if it were offered to them, while only 31% of women would.

And 63% of women with children said its 'very important' that their kids seem them as successful, while 24% said the same of their co-workers.

Other top findings include:

  • Almost three-fourths of women say it's more important to enjoy their work than to make the most money they can make.
  • When asked what success means to them, the top three responses from women were: accomplishing your goals, being at peace and having financial stability.
  • 83% of women and 72% of men say happiness defines what success means to them personally
  • Almost half of women in their 20s have considered not having kids (or postponing kids) in order to aim higher at work.
  • Half of women in their 30s say their jobs get in the way of finding time for romance
  • There's a ten minute difference in the amount of time it takes women to get ready for work in the A.M. and the time it takes men.
  • For women, approval from their family is more important than approval from their co-workers.
  • 36% of women and 37% of men often feel people at work think that they're more qualified than they are.
  • 4 out of 5 respondents say they care about being well liked at work.

See more poll results here on TIME.com: http://ti.me/1pFjBD5

And more on RealSimple.com: http://bit.ly/1pFILkS

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