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A growing number of Brooklyn parents are realizing that learning to sew is as relevant today as it was in the past, just in a different way. Learning to sew is a very creative, self-affirming and educational way to keep their teens busy this summer, while they are having a blast! A great summertime option for your li’l fashionista.

When kids and young teens learn to sew and design, they tap into their own ingenuity and inventiveness. Sewing and designing becomes a vehicle for them to explore who they are and what image they want to project into the world. When making their own clothes and learning how to fit themselves, they become more intimately aware of their own body and how to dress it in a flattering and unique way. They gain more body confidence and feel better about the way they look. Feeling less dependent on the mall and on manufactured trends, feeds into their self-confidence, too.

Sewing also taps into academic disciplines. Maria Montessori called the hand “the companion to the mind”, siting that manipulating objects with the hands facilitates, and more fully integrates learning. And, if inclined to study it, kids and teens can gain cognitive development while sewing, as well: differentiation, estimation, accuracy, concentration, perserverance, problem solving, etc. Skills that can be used in all phases of life.

Fashion Camp 2012 has four week-long sessions held at the UPPER CLASS Workspace, a cool, loft space created specifically to bring creative people together. And, to build a positive community in Brooklyn. Kids can choose morning sessions of Fashion Art & Illustration. Or, afternoon sessions of Fashion Design & Sewing. With each week culminating in a fashion show and art exhibit.

Brooklyn Fashion Camp
Upper Class workspace
944 Flatbush Ave, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11226
To find out more about FASHION CAMP 2012, check out

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