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It'??s 6am (or insert the time you usually wake up) and that horrible contraption called an alarm clock is blaring in your ear. It'??s time to start the day. Check out our five quick and easy breakfast options to make your morning routine just a little easier.

For mom's (and dad's), this all-too-familiar scenario is especially challenging during the back to school season when you have to get yourself and your kids dressed and ready, and cook a nutritious (and quick) breakfast to start their day. Here are solutions:

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1. Yogurt Parfait:
Rather than opting for a sugar-laden yogurt that will only spike your kid'??s sugar levels, use a whole milk Greek yogurt such a Fage. Since it has a bitter taste add a little bit of lemon (a splash) and some honey. Top the parfait off with your child'??s favorite snacks. Think oats, slivered almonds, raisins, flax seed or fresh fruit. Not only will they be getting a good dose of protein to start the day but the oats and raisins will keep them full into lunchtime.

2. The Breakfast Sandwich:
 Sandwiches for breakfast? That's almost has silly as Breakfast for Dinner but one your kids will get a kick out of especially, especially kids who don't like typical breakfast food. For this super quick option, toast two slices of whole wheat bread and start cooking some scrambled eggs. If you'??re kids don'??t like eggs, make a PB and J (check out this easy jam recipe) or even ask them the night before what breakfast sandwich they would like to make prep easier the next day. Some other options may be a simple slice of toast with cheese with a tomato.

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Cherry Oatmeal Muffin by Healthy Muffin Mama

3. The Healthy Muffin:
Most muffins are simply cake in disguise. I think of this often when I see a low-fat banana muffin that ends up tasting like sugar. Albeit delicious, these masked baked goods aren'??t the breakfast of choice for little ones. Instead, and again with some prep involved, serve your kids a '??healthy muffin'?? packed with dates, nuts, apples and oats. Similar to the concept of the healthy cookie, I love this Cherry Oatmeal Muffin recipe by HealthyMuffinMama that uses whole-wheat flour cooked oats and unsweetened applesauce. And for a batch of 12 muffins, you'??ll have a few days worth of early morning meals.

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4. Wafflely Goodness
What kid, or adult for that matter, doesn'??t love waffles? Today'??s waffles are very different from the Eggo waffles I grew up with. You can get whole wheat, whole grain, low fat, full fat and gluten-free toasted cakes. For a quick meal, pop two in the toaster and add fresh fruit, yogurt or flax seeds for a healthy way to start the morning. We love this "heart" model from Chef's Choice ($69.95)--what a sweet way to start the day.

5. Dose of Oats:
Probably one of the best keep-you-full breakfast options; make a bowl of quick oats with milk instead of water for an added dose of calcium and Vitamin D. I also add yogurt and sometimes applesauce for a natural sweetness.

But then again, sometimes a bowl of cereal with fruit is just enough to do the trick.

Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama. You can read more soup recipes on her blog: 

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