A "Big Idea"- Sweetpea Beauty


Big Idea Entertainment brings to you lessons your little princess needs to know in a fun and entertaining way. Having a hard time getting her to brush her teeth? Sweetpea Beauty ($11.99) alleviates your lecture load by reminding her that maintaining hygiene is key to keeping her beautiful.
A re-telling of the classic Snow-White Sweetpea Beauty tells the tale of a lovely princess who overcomes obstacles to learn the meaning of true beauty.

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It's almost time for the new school year to begin, so what better way to prepare your children (especially your girls) for the kinds of impediments they will soon face than giving them an arsenal filled with kindness? The story of Sweetpea Beauty reminds your children that the world they live in is special and that they themselves are very special. Note: There is a religious undertone in the video--we found it uplifting not limiting or exclusive.

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