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Tips for Buying a Nursing Bra

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A good nursing bra goes a long way towards making a new mom happy. Your baby may look tiny, but she's got a powerful thirst. That means if you are breastfeeding your boobs are going to need good support.
It's a great idea to buy a nursing bra to have on hand for baby's arrival and then to add a second (maybe third) once your milk is is and you can get a true sense of your new bra size. Momtrends is here with tips to make your first breastfeeding bra purchase a little easier. Expecting moms we've got five tips for your pre-baby purchase:

  1. Go up a cup size. All that milk is going to leave your breasts full and beautiful. For small chested ladies (that's me!), it's a time to savor a C cup.
  2. Look for breathable fabrics. Post-pregnancy symptoms include the sweats. Stay cool by avoiding too much synthetic fabric.
  3. Opt for a bra that fits snuggly on the rib cage. Your pregnant body will be different that your postpartum bod. Ideally before baby you should be able to hook the bra on the last hook. As the baby weight comes off, you'll move the hook in.
  4. Important ratio: The bigger the cup the wider the strap. DDs will want a nice wide shoulder strap to avoid back pain.
  5. One hand access is key. Avoid any tricky clasps. A hungry new baby won't have the patience to wait as you try to haul out the goods. Practice unhooking or lifting the flap of the bra before you buy.

To get additional advice, we spoke to the women at Mom's the Word Maternity in San Fransisco. They've been outfitting mamas for the past 13 years. The best tip they offered was to go get a fitting! I concur. It doesn't make sense to invest in more than one bra or tank before baby arrives.

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Bravado is a paid sponsor, but does not control editorial content. All breastfeeding advice and musings are those of the editorial staff. Momtrends encourages all moms to try breastfeeding, but if it doesn't work for your family we still think you are a fabulous mama. These posts may not be reproduced without consent of Momtrends, but do feel free to link away.

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