Simple Wishes: Hands-Free Breastpump Bra


I'm not a fan of pumping but I have been trying to keep it up for the past nine months so that my daughter can have breastmilk while I work. I don't mind the actual act, but I find it difficult to be at the complete disposal of a pump while also losing my hands. I recently tried an innovative hands-free pumping bra by Simple Wishes that not only freed up hands but it provided the much-need comfort and support that I needed.

Since I pump every night, I was excited to test out this product - especially since it was said to be "compatible with every electric breast pump on the market." As a multi-tasking mama, I loved the idea of a hands-free bra that was comfortable and adjustable. With the option to wear it strapless or with straps, I was able to adjust it to my bust and open the slots to insert my pump. Featuring elastic reinforcement at the top and a zippered closure, the bra had a secure fit, ensuring no slipping during pumping.


As my pump was extracting the milk, I felt secure as it held onto the bottles and the breast shields. It is also adjustable depending on your fullness nd the changes of your breast size that may increase or decrease over time. I also loved the material that was made from cotton, spandex and various trims - making it comfortable and nonirritating on my skin.

Additionally, wearing this type of bra allowed me to be more productive with work as I pumped - I even made my older daughter's lunch with it on! The design is also very stylish and at $39.00 it is one of the more affordable hands-free models on the market.

Taking care of the pump is also pretty simple. It can be machined washed on a gentle cycle that can be hanged to dry.

Available in two sizes (XS,S,M) and (L,XL,XXL) in either light pink or black, this bra is a fantastic product for working moms, moms on-the-go or moms that want to be productive at home.

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