Baby's First Tooth

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What's that little sharp white thing in baby's mouth? Why it's a tooth! While this might not be so exciting if you are still breastfeeding (though it is entirely manageable)--the first tooth is a huge milestone that you've got a healthy baby that is growing up and getting ready to expand his diet.

The first tooth to pop up will likely be a bottom incisor (great for tearing). On average, baby's first tooth will arrive around 6 months--right around the time it is ok to start adding solid food (no coincidence). But as with all milestones, things vary. Some infants don't get their first tooth until they are 14 or 15 months old and others sprout teeth around month three.

In total there are twenty primary (first) teeth. Expect for all the teeth to be in by age three. And then around the age of six, you'll start all over as the adult teeth replace the baby teeth. If you are lucky, baby's teeth will arrive pain-free. But if you're like me, there will be the need to sooth your little toothy friend.

Long gone are the days of putting a little bourbon on baby's gums (yes, moms actually did this in the past). Now moms rely on over the counter medication or soothers. Momtrends likes the all natural route. We're big fans of the Oh Plah! Teething bracelet and Natursutten BFA-free teethers. Stash the soother in the fridge for a few minutes to provide a bit of cold--but don't use the freezer. It's too cold and can damage delicate gums.

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When to worry: According to Dr. Greene you should be on alert after a year. Delayed eruption of all teeth may be the result of a nutritional problem, such as rickets, or a systemic condition, such as hypopituitarism or hypothyroidism.

And for breastfeeding moms, is a great resource for all your breastfeeding questions. They've got a terrific article on stopping biting--click here.

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