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Well Played Book Review

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All this "adulting" can be really hard. Meredith Sinclair has the answer in her new book, Well Played. I think most moms can use this helpful reminder to take a break from being in charge.

I'm the head schedule maker, the chore supervisor, the chief meal-planner, the homework warden and the mistress of sleep. That doesn't sound very playful does it?

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Yes, I do love this quote from Mr. Rogers, but why should kids have all the fun! Meredith reminds us with her book that we all have some playfulness inside of us. It's waiting to get released and the time is now. Meredith wrote the book to tell the story of how she rediscovered play. Somewhere along the journey of parenting, she lost her way. She forgot the joys of blowing bubbles and "dancing it out" to a favorite pop song.

Meredith found her way back to play and wants us to come along for the ride. She's made it her life's work, and she practices what she preaches. She has a penchant for swings, playgrounds and dance parties. The book is loaded with ideas on how to find more playful moments in life.

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Plus, this particular brand of medicine is really tasty to consume. Just flip through a few pages and you'll be inspired! I adore the illustrations by Anne Keenan Higgins. The illustrator brings such joy and energy to the text--it would be a hard story to tell without the pictures!

The book has a few sections. The bulk of the book is spent reminding grown-ups that we don't have to be so serious. We can be moral authorities/voices of wisdom while also honestly enjoying time spent playing with our kids. There's ideas on crafting at home, road-trip games, family music fun and more, much of it blessedly good old unplugged fun. Meredith has heaps of ideas on what to keep around the house to make sure fun can happen spontaneously (disco balls and water guns are a great place to start).

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To encourage moms to play, Meredith sent me my #WellPlayedBook starter kit. Including: Caffeine Rush game, Candylicious Bubbles, Crayola crayons, Minted journal, Stikbot Studio toys. Freshening up the toy box is a great way to encourage creative play. She also sent some great coloring pages--you know we are keen on the adult coloring book trend.

For our family, outdoor play is key. We live in the city and try to create moments to explore the outside with a playful spirit. Mr. Momtrends and I love skiing together and our family had a blast learning to surf with the girls in Nicaragua. For us, sports are such a natural extension of play! And my favorite way to spend time with girlfriends is running or playing squash.

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But it's not just play with the kiddos that's on Meredith's mind. She also wants partners to play. I love this attitude and the above quote I found in the book. Life can get really, really grumpy if you don't stop and play. That's why I'm taking my team to Canyon Ranch this summer--so we can play as a team of grown-ups!


Momtrends Rules of Play

1. Unplug to connect. Unplugged time for us is from 6-8. This is for dinner and reconnecting through play. I'm very protective of these hours and of ALL of us putting down our electronics. We play chess, read and dance it out. We don't answer emails.
2. Car rides don't have to be boring. In addition to the classic license plate game, my family is big on the interview-style games like 50 road trip questions.
3. Only boring people get bored. We have boredom busters on hand--a special art cupboard.
4. Plan playful vacations. I like a museum as much as the next person, and yes, I'm sure there's a way to make them playful, but we like to work in a LOT of play on our trips. On our upcoming trip to London, we plan to head to Harry Potter World and almost all of our winter trips involve skiing. Every day we plan some playful time--and those experiences are the ones that stand out.

Buy Well Played on Amazon and get ready for a summer full of fun!

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